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the golden hour [ic]
an original character rpg
[the handwriting is bigger, rounder, and more girlish than Diana's]

People have told me I should contact you if I want something [pause] unspeakable done.

Is it true?
02.04.12(no subject)
If character equates to fate
Gifts for people you haven't seen in a while. What are they?

[Filter: Cerys Richard]

I have three letters of introduction here. One is to [pause] a man named Justin. He is a mercenary, but a good man. If he cannot travel he will find people to travel with you. Another is to a family in Ireland I lived with a while. The third [long pause] is to my mother.

I'm throwing out as many ambitious ideas at Silence as I can, as fast as I can think of them. Hopefully, one or two will stick and it'll keep him busy enough not to notice you going, if that's the route you choose.

I don't know. I just thought that perhaps after the baby arrives, if you want to go, you could consider it. These will help.

[Filter: Rowan Mata]

My brother is here.
Make sure your records of my employment are in order. My Lady.

I imagine someone will inquire after them soon.

[Filter Shiri Qattawi]

Being fucking immortal and all I doubt youll understand this but I have grown very tired.

Why not have a drink? Ive some money to burn.

[Filter Lieutenant Stark]

Ive yet to leave town you will notice. Lieutenant.
Tithes will be reinstated at the end of February. Don't forget.

[Filter: Ira Paranov]

How goes our girl?

[Filter: Moirine Burrell]

beck and call
any day.

[Filter: Dominic Bercator]
... how are your eyes
should i get
your mask?
so from what the lady was sayin' just before about wantin' a masque.. that's exactly the kinna thing we put together, aye... so why don't we have our own party? The Quarter here has more than enough space fer us ter move a wagon or two, have a toasty fire an' get some dancin' going on, aye. If yer want costumes, then we've got 'em by the bundle, too, or y'could make yer own.

Any takers, like?
02.01.12 - :Cerys:
Sighing in exasperation
Oh, I just keep thinking about that masque. Wouldn't it be nice to go? Course I never could. Only way I could disguise myself would be as one of those great big ships they dock in Tartessos. Ha! And any man who'd dare dance with a ship like me would be drowned.

Better that us low types aren't invited. Still, would be nice to have a dance or two outside of a musty alehouse. One day, ey?
01.31.12(no subject)
A man woman person wrote a 'riddle' a while ago. The sound of one hand clapping. It was not a riddle. It was a koan. They are a little like riddles, only there is never an answer. It's important to think about them until you are satisfied and don't want an answer anymore. I thought I would write some more for you...

「Sozan the Chinese Zen master was asked by a student 'What is the most valuable thing in the world?'

The master says 'The head of a dead cat.'

'Why is the head of a dead cat the most valuable thing in the world?'

Sozan says "Because no one can name its price."」

...it was the first one I could think of... Tabi looks angry...
01.31.12(no subject)
will i dream?
I have a nephew...

My brother's wife was very punctual.

First Levin born in at least fifty years without red hair, can you believe it?

I'm so proud.

[single drop of water]

01.31.12 - [Filter: Others]
hold the city to your ears
I know this might seem an odd question but I really have to ask and I would really really appreciate it if you would consider it!


Do any of you know of any way or method or item or magic or potion or anything that can subdue or diminish or stop a certain aspect of someone's... personality? Or say if someone had changed because of Belief can any of you find or know of a way to... revert said changes?
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